Write for Rights 2020

Last year we held our Write for Rights event in the House of Friendship on School Hill.  For obvious reasons we cannot do that this year.  So this year we will do a digital version of the W4R event.  We would still like as many supporters to participate as possible.

Last year we sent around 170 messages of support to people around the world whose human rights were being abused for one reason or another.  We would like to reach a similar figure this year, so please forward this email as widely as you can.The W4R campaign runs from 1st November to the end of the year.   

Download the Write for Rights booklet, which includes many cases around the world, complete with addresses and advice on what write:

Or click this link for online forms in support of the following four cases:

Gustavo in Chile, blinded by police action during a protest against inequality,
Nassima in Saudi Arabia, held in solitary confinement because she wanted to drive a car,
Melike and Ozgur in Turkey, held in prison awaiting trial for organising a protest in support of the LGTBI+ community,
Germain in Burundi, imprisoned because of being an active human rights defender.

Please tell us what you’ve done!
It would be great if everyone could send a message of support to at least four cases. We would also like to keep track of messages that Lewes sends out. So once you’ve sent your letters, fill out the form below:

Write for Rights

I’ve mailed letters in support of these cases: