The Curst Sons – Benefit Gig for Amnesty – Lewes Con Club 17 October 7:00pm

Banjos Against Brutality – The Curst Sons will stomp on inhumanity with drums, banjos, fiddles, guitar, harmonica and a huge staff covered in bells.  They will lift their mighty call of traditional country music on behalf of Lewes Amnesty International and it’s American Crisis Campaign – against the death penalty, separated immigrant families, police brutality and Guantanamo Bay.  Join this raucous fighting music to defend the innocent on a glass-strewn dance floor of righteousness!

Mad Hillbilly Music Against Brutality THIS SUNDAY
Our benefit gig at the Con Club is only a few days away!  Follow the instructions below and let’s pack the place.  This will be a great chance to reach new members and raise money for Amnesty.  Follow these easy steps!

1)  Print off the attached poster and put it in your window. 
For a few pounds Le Bureau will print it in color on a huge sheet of paper, blotting out all the light in your living room.  But it’s only for a few days.  Turn on the lights!

2)  Order you ticket now! Click this link to buy tickets online:
Or buy them behind the bar at the Con Club

3) Tell your friends and enemies
Go on, how many times have you said to people “We should really meet up for a drink or something”?   Feeling guilty?  Don’t!  You’ve just been saving them all up for this one fantastic event!  Now you can finally invite all those people out for something, even the ones you don’t like.  You don’t have to talk to them.  Just sell them a ticket!
Show them this video.  They’ll have to come if they see it.  This band really is that good:

4)  Tell strangers
Publish these links on all manner of social media and email groups. If you hire banks of Twitter bots in Russia and Cyprus to create a wave of interest across Europe I will personally buy you a beer.

This band is energetic and fun.  It will be a great night.  But we will also fill petitions and gather up email addresses.  We will use this chance to gather support against the death penalty and police brutality in the United States and to help close Guantanamo Bay.  Please take a few minutes to help us spread the word about this event. See you there!