Christmas cards to families and children held by ICE in Texas

From our table in Cliffe shopping precinct last Saturday we gathered a stack of Christmas cards for refugee and undocumented families held by ICE in Dilley Texas. We will be gathering more for New Years, Valentines day and Easter.

Many people wrote “Feliz Navidad” or “Quede Fuerte” (stay strong). Some wrote longer messages in English. One woman wrote “Requerde que tu es una persona de poder!” (Remember that you are a person of power!)

We’ve had advice from Rebecca Ma who campaigns on this issue for Amnesty USA in New York. Below she describes the urgent situation faced by these families. The detail that gets me: you can’t send gifts, not even stickers. How is that keeping America safe? Please add your messages to ours at the address below. In the future we will also write to other “Residential Centers” where families are being held.

We spent the past couple days working on a rapid response effort for several families who are facing imminent deportation. We’re working with our activists to drive emails and calls to ICE today, over the weekend, and into next week.

I’m copying below instructions/guidance to send letters to the families who remain detained in the Dilley family detention center. Thanks again for all the work you and the Lewes group are doing. We so, so appreciate it.

Proyecto Dilley is collecting letters of encouragement for families detained in Dilley, Texas. Letters may include:

  • Your support for them and your belief that they deserve justice
  • Your encouragement to fight for their own families and those that will come after them
  • Your best wishes for them
  • Your thanks for having the courage to stand up to a government doing everything it can to wear
  • them down
  • What you, family, friends, your community and congresspeople have been doing to fight for them

Many of the families detained in Dilley speak Spanish – if you’re multilingual, please apportion your cards accordingly. Children are welcome to send drawings. Unfortunately, due to facility rules, no foods, gifts, or stickers can be sent to these families. If you’re sending several letters, please place each letter into a blank envelope and then place all envelopes into one larger package to send together. Please mail letters through UPS to: Mackenzie Levy, 1111 N. Main Ave, San Antonio, TX 78212, United States of America